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AL.CARTS are manufactured using aerospace-grade materials. 6000-series aluminum and vacuum formed components help achieve the perfect balance between endurance, lightness and longevity. The result is an optimized high-end cart in the market for home and office applications.

Surface treatment is important to provide durability and corrosion protection. A powder coating process is used to apply colored powder to the surface creating a durable cart and ensuring an extended life. The best quality braking system is manufactured using injection molded parts.

The optional ergonomic top handles are made of reinforced plastic. Assemby of all these high-end components takes place in Everett, Washington State, with the highest precision and care, which is the legacy of our Swiss heritage of consistency and quality.



AL.CARTS is fully designed and engineered in our state-of-the-art 3D CAD software. This very important step of the process ensures future part compatibility and fast design changes.


High speed CNC machining centers are utilized to cut the aircraft grade aluminum plates to high precision, close tolerance, AL.CARTS components.

Surface Pretreatment

All aluminum components undergo a rigorous cleaning and surface protection process to ensure corrosion protection and paint adherence for years in any type of customer applications.

Powder Coating

All colored surfaces are painted with a high end, environmentally friendly, epoxy-polyester blended powder coat finish for a high durability and scratch resistance.

Vacuum Forming

AL.CARTS interior wall panels are precision vacuum formed and CNC trimmed out of high strength PVC material.

Injection Molding

AL.CARTS design depends on many plastic injected components; some of them are glass reinforced for high strength applications.


AL.CARTS are manually assembled per customer chosen configuration.


AL.CARTS is shipped worldwide to your destination in a very protective manner. Our packaging ensures that the product will arrive with no damage at your door step.